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Collegiate Division
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  • iGEM 2013 season is over
  • ACS iGEM special issue
  • team wikis thawed
  • world championship jamboree: results
  • world championship jamboree has begun!
  • practice sessions
  • world championship jamboree main page
  • team wikis frozen
  • world championship jamboree late registration
  • publicity page
  • world championship jamboree registration
  • feedback available
  • ERASynBio sponsors advancing teams
  • hotel reservations
  • world championship jamboree registration
  • wikis thawed
  • Regional Jamboree results!
  • iGEM HQ on the road
  • wiki freeze Oct 4
  • community page update
  • wiki freeze Sep 27
  • regional jamboree judging forms are live
  • check on your submissions
  • community page update
  • publicity page
  • updated submission system
  • community page update
  • uploading files
  • upcoming deadlines
  • regional jamboree registration
  • calendar update
  • community page update
  • Safety Forms now available
  • calendar update
  • regional jamboree registration OPEN
  • wiki requirements
  • 2013 community page
  • partner offer: IDT
  • visa invitation letters
  • iGEM HQ at SB6.0
  • iGEM 2013 Judging Requirements now posted
  • requesting parts
  • partner offer: Mathworks
  • new Registry pages
  • 2013 distribution sent!
  • IDT offer details
  • regional jamboree locations
  • partner offer: IDT
  • HQ delays
  • late registration begins
  • partner offer: Mathworks
  • iGEM 2013 registration open!
  • project ideas
  • Registry Help pages
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iGEM Labs
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  • Register your lab as an iGEM lab and get access to the iGEM Registry, distributions, parts, tools, the iGEM community, and more.
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iGEM Spotlight
  • Video: Join iGEM 2012 Europe!

    Check out the iGEM Europe Committee's video about iGEM 2012. Start a team and sign up before 31 March 2012!

  • Bioethics Comission: Synthetic Biology Report

    The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues has their report on The Ethics of Synthetic Biology and Emerging Technologies

  • iGEM HQ is moving!

    Our new space is under construction and we'll be moving into it in March. Check back for more updates!

  • iGEM High School teams are now registering!

    Registration is now open for the High School Division (closes on 2/29). The iGEM High School competition marks its second year, and it's growing quickly! Check out the iGEM 2012 High School Wiki for more information and news.

  • iGEM 2012: Starting a Team

    The iGEM 2011 season is about to start! If you're interested in participating see the Start A Team page for information on putting together an iGEM team

  • iGEM 2012 Wiki

    Check out the iGEM 2012 Wiki for news on the upcoming season.

Video: Join iGEM 2012 Europe

Check out the iGEM Europe Committee's video about iGEM 2012. Start a team and sign up before 31 March 2012!

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