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iGEM 2016
Registration for iGEM 2016 is now open! Visit for more information.

Welcome to iGEM

The iGEM Foundation is dedicated to education and competition, advancement of synthetic biology, and the development of open community and collaboration.

The main program at the iGEM Foundation is the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition. The iGEM Competition is the premiere student competition in Synthetic Biology. Since 2004, participants of the competition have experienced education, teamwork, sharing, and more in a unique competition setting.

iGEM is also much more than a competition; our community has a long history of involving students and the public in the development of the new field of synthetic biology.

iGEM 2016 Competition News

Apply to be an iGEM judge and help evaluate synthetic biology projects from today's brightest students, discover new ideas, and share your expertise.
NEW: Instructor judges will receive a 50% discount on their Jamboree attendance fee!

Judging application deadline: June 15th, 2016. All disciplines welcome.

Giant Jamboree

An annual gathering of synthetic biologist that showcases work from the iGEM 2016 competition season.
What to expect: Presentations from university and high school student teams, exhibition hall poster sessions, workshops, career fair, award ceremony and much more.

Exhibitor opportunities available.

For more about iGEM 2016 visit

iGEM 2016 Announcements

We are reviewing team applications and will be approving teams for iGEM 2016 soon! Thank you for your patience.
Late registration for iGEM 2016 has begun! Visit for more information.
Get ready for iGEM 2016! Be sure to read the requirements for participation, and see the Resources page for helpful information as you build your team and gather resources for participation.
Interested in joining the judging team for iGEM 2016? You can sign up to be notified when the judging application is open!

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iGEM Programs


iGEM runs the premiere student competition in Synthetic Biology. Student teams are given a kit of biological parts and work over the summer to build biological systems and operate them in living cells. Read more about this year's competition at Or, read more about previous years on the Previous Competitions page.

Academic Labs

Not competing? Academic labs have a place in the iGEM community as well. Labs can subscribe to the program to conduct their own research using synthetic biology based on parts, and have access to the same resources as competition teams.

Read more on the Labs program page.


iGEM Headquarters also runs the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. The Registry has over 20,000 standard biological parts, with open access to all participating groups. Teams and labs contribute their parts in the spirit of the "Get & Give" philosophy.

Visit the Registry at

iGEM Videos

From video messages to teams, to videos showing the iGEM spirit, to the 100+ videos made by our community, experience iGEM in video format on our videos page.

More videos...

2016 Competition

The iGEM 2016 competition has started!
Visit for more information.


As a participant in iGEM, or just a friend, you have seen how astonishing iGEM has become. Now we need your help. Read how you can help on our Donate page.


We will offer a variety of sponsor packages for the iGEM 2016 iGEM season.
Please contact us for more information.

iGEM Foundation

Dedicated to education and competition, advancement of synthetic biology, and the development of open community and collaboration.